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"I like my wine the way I like my family and friends... obnoxiously forward."
- Greg Brown

New directions

 New directions, new opportunities and the chance to grow make life's journey meaningful. The path can be smooth, but it can also be rough. If you live each moment with passion and persistence, you can polish the jagged edges until your life sparkles like a diamond ... Thank you for sharing my adventure.
Thank you Greg & Yvonne. 

Fernando Candelario
Mexican, Winemaker, Dreamer 




There are really only two emotions, love and fear; feelings are reactions based on one or the other. You taught me to face my fears, work through them and to always choose love. Living in joy is a choice. You can dwell on your problems or you can focus on the many blessings and be grateful for all that you have been given. Choose love always. It's that simple. Thank you Yvonne & Greg. You changed my life and I will love you and miss you until we dance again.
Patsy Pope Jr, Student of Nature, Lover of Light, Specializing in Laughter